Pic1 and 2 by me. Shoes: Palladium.

Hi everybody!! I hope you spend a good Week-End. For my part today I worked very hard my lessons, did 'JUST DANCE' on the Wii and drew... Tommorow I will saw with my friends Vampire sucks!! I hope I will laugh a lot. I go to sleep now. Sweat drems!

Picture: Me the summer.
Hi every body!!! You know, I really hate winter but it"s really relax and so cool to be next to the fireplace with hot chocolate and reading a book!

Source picture : Here
Hi every body!!! I just want to tell you I'm sorry for the lack of my pictures but there is no beautiful light. I hope this week it will be sunny <3
Good evening!!

Me (and my tee-shirt Top-shop so beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul!) by me.
Hi everybody!! I just want to say It's time to play with 'Just dance' on the wii! I really love this game, in reality, for me, it isn't really a game it's a real sport. I play one or two hours everyday! It's funny and also You muscles you build muscle without paying attention, that's what is great! See you soon my friends!

Are you agree to restart with me one more time ?