Lindsey Wixson

Pic: Tumblr.

Hi guys!! If you don't know this (amazing) personne I'll present; She Lindsey Winxson, a 17 year old girl. She is a sort of 'model' for me. She is so peculiar, her luscious lips are incredible and she has such beautiful eyes!

THE dream.

Pic: The selby

I would like to take my shower here...

Mercredi (wednesday)

Pic: Tumblr
Today I didn't go to school so I woke up at 10:30 am (It was cool!) and I was very happy!!!


Pictures by me.

Hi every one! Today I had to learnd my math lessons because next week I have a very big test but I don't fell good, I'm really ill; I have headache and feverish... So I'll just stay in my bed, do my tumblr, find beautiful pictures on it, read and draw. Sometimes I prefer be ill it's more relaxing than fell well and learn math :p