Pic1: Me by me. Pic2: My garden by me. Summer 2010

Sometimes I really really miss the summer and Idream of getting up in the morning and see my garden blooms of all its roses, to take my breakfast on the terrace and be dressed with a simple camis without freezing to death.

A tea afternoon.

I'm really happy to restart my blog once again! Today my grand parents went at home for the tee and I thought for my 'futur'. I will enter in an other school because there isn't art option in mine, but I don't know if I leave it this year after the second quarter or the next year... But what is shure is that I will be accept in this school :)

Pics: Miranda Kerr, the perfection.

Friday Me and mum went to Paris, it was so great; I will speak
about it in the next post. In it I want to apologize for this long
long time withouth any articles; I discovered tumblr and it took
me lot of time ^^.