HIIIII EVERYBODY!!!! HOW ARE YOU TO NIGHT??? Me I'm sad because I think about my week and it's horrible because I have so much homework. It's to really nice that my teachers give us so much test just before Christmas!!!
Moreover what do you want for christmas? Me I don't really things in particular.. I will have a good (or not) suprised :D!! (I hope a good haha)
Tommorow morning I have a english test so I have to sleep. GOOOOOOOOOD NIGHT MY FRINDS!
Picture: Biarritz by me.

Oooooh my god it's coooooold!!!!! There is so much snow and it's really beautiful but I can't go out! So if I can't go to see my friends, my friends will come to see me haha! I have to rent a dvd.
I hope you will have a good week-end too!

Picture by me.