Pics: Miranda Kerr, the perfection.

Friday Me and mum went to Paris, it was so great; I will speak
about it in the next post. In it I want to apologize for this long
long time withouth any articles; I discovered tumblr and it took
me lot of time ^^.

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Oh, thank you !

Anonyme a dit…

Hey,you're blog is SOOO coolz ♥ (: (if u have time ,to have a look) :)

Victoria a dit…

I love Miranda Kerr! She's without a doubt my favorite model!:D

Luci Ana a dit…

oh wow, her body..she is wonderful! xx

Sonia Sentic a dit…

je n'aime pas cette fille : elle ne dégage absolument RIEN !